Whether you have been snorkelling before or trying it for the first time, Marina Divers Sharm will make sure your experience of the Red Sea will be truly magical. 

Equipment to suit every size is available for hire at our dive center on the beach or it is provided on one of our boat trips.  Our Instructors will kit you up with a properly fitted mask, snorkel, full footed fins, a buoyancy aid and wet suit if required.

They will then give you some handy tips to make sure your snorkelling experience is enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.  They will explain how to stop you mask from fogging up, how to put your mask on to avoid any leaks, how to clear your snorkel and how to swim comfortably in the Red Sea.

The house reef is a must see, its calm waters, safe swimming area, attentive lifeguards and lack of currents make it the perfect place to begin.  There are plenty of fish and coral life to see.

If you love snorkelling why not buy your own mask and fins from our shop or a Fish ID card. Equally if you have taken to the water you might want to take the next step and try a SCUBA introductory dive.