Boat trips and private boat trips can be arranged for snorkel excursions. Enjoy a relaxing cruise on our fleet of spacious motor yachts and soak up the sun and scenery as we take you to either the Straits of Tiran or to Sharm el Sheikh local dive sites.

Snorkellers are accompanied by one of our Diving Instructors who will be able to tell you about the local area and marine life and will be on hand in the water to point out all kinds of incredible creatures.

A snorkel excursion to our local dive sites will take you to the sites of Ras Bob, Ras Nasrani and Ras Ghamila.  Here you’ll go snorkelling  with your guide on hand to point out some of the more interesting species.

These sites are famous for their incredible hard coral formations and abundance of reef fish. Not only can you experience some breath taking snorkelling, but calm sea conditions and mild current make these sites ideal for novices.

Alternatively you can take a trip to the world famous Straits of Tiran.  Here four reefs shoot to the surface from the abyss of the Gulf of Aqaba.  Dramatic drop offs and strong currents have resulted in incredible coral gardens and a dazzling abundance of fish.  These stunningly beautiful sites have slightly more challenging surface conditions and are only recommended for competent swimmers.