Experience a different diving adventure with our exclusive Ras Mohamed National Park overnight safari package.

We will depart from Marina Divers Sharm center at approx 1.30pm and head out to the remote Bedouin Safari camp in Marsa Bareika bay.   Our camp host from Bedawi will show you your Safari Tent accommodation and the camp facilities before making you a traditional welcoming Bedouin tea.

As a group you can decide if you would like to do a dusk dive or a night dive.  It is then time to explore the surrounding area, go for a snorkel in the pristine water or just chill out on the beach.

The Dive Guide will then brief you on exit and entry and give you the dive plan for either the night or dusk dive.   he bay has some very nice coral pinnacles and pristine reef as this area is rarely dived by the daily dive boats.  Marsa Bareika is also renowned for cruising Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

After your dive, enjoy a fresh water shower and get ready for a delicious Bedouin feast of either fresthly caught fish or meat BBQ. There are soft drinks, water and tea and coffee available but Marina Divers Sharm will also provide wine and beer for purchase.

Enjoy the tranquil evening beside the fire or lounging on the cushions in the main tent.  The night sky is amazing and it is possible to see shooting stars and the Milky Way.  There are also nocturnal visitors on occasion; like small timid desert foxes.

When it is time to go to bed, be assured you will have a comfortable night. The tents have high ceilings and they all have mattresses, freshly laundered bedding and fly screens.  When you next wake up it will be to the smell of a freshly brewed coffee prepared by your Safari host.

Your group can choose two dives from three types: dusk, night and morning dive.  If you choose to do the early morning dive; it will be a quick cup of coffee or tea and then a dive briefing.  A freshly cooked breakfast will be waiting for you on your return.

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the Ras Mohamed National Park at its best; away from mass tourism.  You will have a special insight to the nature of Sinai and experience a different kind of diving.

For more information contact info@marinadiverssharm.com