The Straits of Tiran is an area of outstanding natural beauty both above and below water. The area lies just north of Marina Divers Sharm and is one of our favorite places to go boat diving and snorkeling.

The area is actually a main shipping lane. You will quite often see large tankers travelling up and down the Straits, but in between them are four reefs which soar to the surface from depths of over 1000m.  These four pinnacles are named after four British Cartographers; Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse, Jackson.

These sites are famous with SCUBA divers because the very strong currents bring an abundance of nutrients to the reefs, creating magical coral gardens.  However this also means that these sites are suitable for experienced divers only.

Just north of the reefs is the Island of Tiran and its protective shallow lagoon.  This protected shallow large area is where the dive boats usually moor for lunchtime, it is also a perfect place to try an introductory dive, Discover SCUBA dive or go snorkeling.  The Straits of Tiran is perfect place for many dive activities from the most novice diver to the more experienced.