Northern Local Dive Sites

Just five minutes away, the northern local dive sites offer incredible hard corals, an abundance of fish species and gentle currents which are ideal for relaxed gentle drift dives.

One of the most famous sites is Ras Bob which was named after an ex Sharm resident and film director Bob Johnson. He filmed the UK Building Society Alliance and Leicester’s T.V commercial here, featuring a small boy diving down to a clam shell though the pristine waters.

Just around the corner is the beautiful Ras Nasrani, which has amazing hard coral formations. Ras Gamila which means beautiful in Arabic is situated opposite Gordon Reef in the Straits of Tiran, and lives up to its name.

Southern Local Dive Sites

South of our House Reef – White Knights is a large bay which is home to the ‘Gardens’ dive sites. The northern headland is called Far Garden which is a gentle wall dive with pretty coral pinnacles.  The main bay is called Middle Garden which is an excellent site for Open Water Dives and amazingly has quite a few reef shark sightings and manta rays.  The Southern headland which is the closest to Naama Bay is called Near Garden.  This site is frequented by quite a few glass bottom boats so caution is needed whilst diving.

South Naama Local Dive Sites

South of Naama Bay has quite a few interesting and varied sites.  One of the most exciting sites is Ras Um Sid.  This is normally dived as a drift dive.  There are many Gorgonian Fan corals and on the drop off where the current is the strongest pelagic fish are often spotted.

Tower dive site is also very spectacular with a large semi-circle cutting in the reef with vertical sheer walls.  Other gentle and protected sites are Temple and Ras Katy which are often used as training sites due to their sandy plateaus.