The Ras Mohamed National Park is one of the world’s most famous diving destinations; with several of its dive sites consistently ranked in the top 10 dive sites in the world. Created in 1983, Ras Mohamed has been used as a model National Park across the world.

A combination of strong currents, incredible drop offs and mangroves that act as ‘fish nurseries’ have resulted in an unparalleled abundance and diversity of both fish and corals.   A place of beauty for most of the year, the park takes a dramatic turn come the summer time.  Pelagic species arrive in their thousands and begin to school at the very tip of Sinai where the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aquaba, and the Red Sea meet.  Swirling currents attract immense schools of barrracuda, twin spot snapper, unicorn surgeon fish, jack fish, batfish, trevaillys and Emperors.

Imagine yourself suspended in a solid cylinder of swirling barracuda 20 metres high, or being completely surrounded by a vast sphere of huge snapper gently parting before you.  Along with the schools come the sharks, and during the summer period you may be lucky enough to have a close encounter with a blacktip, silvertip, grey reef, silky, sandbar or tiger shark.  Strong up and down currents, challenging ‘into the blue’ swims and difficult surface conditions make Ras Mohamed National Park a destination suitable for experienced divers only.

Dives to the Ras Mohamed National Park are available by Boat Dive.