Whether you are a certified diver or taking your first Discover SCUBA diver course, everyone begins their SCUBA diving holiday on our beautiful house reef the famous White Knights dive site. White Knights offers any diver a diverse topography with a sandy plateau for practicing skills to an exciting canyon for deep diver specialties.

The dive site is a haven for all kinds of marine life. A simple giant stride from our jetty finds you descending through a thousand glass fish to a five meter sandy plateau. Here an enormous family of cornet fish waits to welcome you, surrounded by stunning coral pinnacles which team with small fish life.

Either head to the beginning of the canyon and marvel at the coral encrusted walls and white sandy bottom, or cruise over to the coral garden. Take a look at the many anemones, where you’re sure to be chased off by the fearless clown fish, and finally take your time on the sandy plateau to spot the very beautiful and extremely rare fuzzy ghost pipe fish.

Visitors from the blue include eagle rays, mantas and giant barracuda, all coming in to be cleaned by some of the busiest cleaner wrasse in the Red Sea. A relaxed, current free dive, the house reef is a favourite of all our instructors….be warned you may not want to dive anywhere else.