Sometimes time flies and before you know it you have not been SCUBA diving for a year or two. Marina Divers Sharm have various SCUBA refresher courses to get you back into SCUBA safely and comfortably on your holiday.

Every sport including SCUBA has skills; if these skills are not practiced on a regular basis they become rusty.  Marina Divers Sharm want you to have an enjoyable holiday where you feel 100% comfortable before you are jumping into the big blue. 

Refresher Dive

A refresher dive is one of the SCUBA refresher courses we provide which is designed for someone who hasn’t dived in the Red Sea before or has not dived for more than 6 months (dependent on experience level). The dive begins with a brief theory recap high lighting the most important aspects of SCUBA safety and knowledge gained in the Open Water course.

You will then have a thorough briefing with your PADI Instructor, before moving on to our floating jetty for a simple entry into the water, where we will help you complete a proper weight check.  Once you are comfortable, you will descend to a depth of 5-6m where you will perform some basic skills, before going for a dive on our house reef.

Scuba Review 

For anyone that has not dived for some time, or for those who are simply feeling a little nervous about returning to diving, our Scuba Review program is designed to perfect your skills, get your confidence back, and generally have you feeling like a fish in no time.

The program begins with a theory recap to get you up to speed with the most important elements of diving theory.  We will kit you up, in equipment that fits you perfectly, and then it’s off to the ‘sandy patch’ in our shallow protected bay at 5m. Here you can practice your skills with the help of your Instructor in a safe and relaxing environment, taking as long as you like to get confident.

Once you are confident with your buoyancy and equipment it’s time to go for a dive. Your PADI Instructor will assist you with a weight check, and then take you for a relaxing dive on the House Reef, where you can perfect neutral buoyancy skills and enjoy this stunning dive site.

Choose either of our SCUBA refresher courses depending on your experience level and time out of the water and Marina Divers Sharm guarantee you should feel more confident, relaxed and most importantly a safe diver once again.

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