After you have completed your Open Water and Advanced Open Water dive courses you start to develop preferences in diving styles.  Some people are drawn to the idea of wreck diving, other like to capture their experience and love underwater photography.  PADI specialty courses are perfect for individual interests and can be the next step in teaching you more specific skills for a particular type of diving.

Deep Diver

The Advanced Open Water course gives you the experience of diving to 30 metres but this is just an introduction. Learn more with one of our deep diver PADI specialty courses and go to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

Drift Diver

The Red Sea has many dive sites which are subject to strong currents.  Diving in currents can be fun but also uncomfortable if you don’t know what you are doing. In this PADI specialty courses you learn how to use a Surface Marker Buoy and reel and how to enter and exit the water plus more.

Enriched Air NITROX Diver

If you have good air consumption and realise that your dive time is shortened due to your computer or table limits then this is one of the PADI specialty courses for you.  Enriched Air NITROX specialty course teaches you how to dive safely with enriched air and increase you bottom time. button

Peak Performance Buoyancy

With all of the excitement of the Red Sea and with so many things to see we often as novice divers forget to spend time on perfecting our buoyancy skills.  If you want to dive like your Instructor, get close to coral, improve your air consumption then this is one of the PADI specialty courses for you.

Marina Divers Sharm teach most of the PADI specialty courses.  Just ask one of our friendly staff about Night, Wreck, Photography, Naturalist the list is endless.